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While outside a soft rain falls*
August 07, 2016 06:20 PM PDT
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Across these abyss of pines and cats there’s a window; behind it, there’s a cup of coffee waiting for a meadow to say something. Its crystal has a soft fragrance; some odor to old grass that brings the sound of a deer crossing the clouds. Suddenly, a thunder; a light in a box hiding a second before a kiss. A flower grows in the shadow, it’s a flake of dust that covers the whole universe, even the silence.
Last Episode tracklist

00 Vicent Andres Estelles- Coral romput (Fragment) (Read by Ovidi Montllor)
01 Bitchin Bajas-Sun City
02 Evangelist-The World That I Created
03 Redding Hunter-Close my eyes
04 Emilio José- Amanhã
05 a Singer of Songs- Road to nowhere
06 Tex la Homa-An uncertain place
07 Matrimonio-Hazlo ya
08 Lambchop-Nice without merci
09 The Be Good Tanyas- Broken Telephone
10 Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children- Room
11 Magnetic Fields-All my little words
12 Staurt A. Staples- Goodbye to Old Friends
13 Siwel-Friendly Call
14 Husky-Dark Sea
Photo by Francesc Català-Roca
*This is the last episode of the season (and maybe in a long time). It’s quite personal and maybe it’s the least connected but still is a good way to say goodbye. I’ll put the the traklist next sunday.

Catching fishes with just our hands
March 20, 2016 04:34 PM PDT
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I’m waiting for the sun out in the cornfield. The wind blows and the dust hovers; it's not the winter leaving. I smell the sea, I listen to the swallows. Some airplanes cross the gloomy sky without words. It's not going to rain, it's not going to be warm. I’m waiting quietly in the field.
Last Episode Tracklist

00 Rangi McNeil- The Heart Is a Foreign Country
01 oOoOO-Sirens
02 Angel Olsen- The Blacksmith
03 Emily Portman- Sleeping Beuty
04 Pau Vallvé- Que es fonguin els ploms
05 Amy Bezunartae- Nothing goes away
06 Fantome-Long dimanche blanc
07 Mary Gauthier- The Orphan king
08 Lucinda Williams- It's Gonna Rain
09 Sparklehorse- sea of Teeth
10 Daniel Romano-Missing Wind
11 Wildernss Of Mnaitoba-Heardhips Acres
12 John Gorka-She's That KInd of Mistery
13 Javier Corcobado- El mar es mi corazón
14 Seu Jorge-Five Years
Photo by Anton Giulio Bragaglia

S07E09: Her lips grew pale and wan
February 21, 2016 05:07 PM PST
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Can you feel the winter? It’s the merciful sound of a bird flying into last autumn. It’s the sea speaking other languages. I’ve being walking across your hair for days, dancing with your ideas and losing the order of the numbers. I saw the beginning of a day.
Last episode tracklist

00 Robert Creeley-Please
01 Carrie-Pendulum
02 Jason Molina- Everything Should Try Again
03 Laura Veirs-Shadow Blues
04 Albert Pla-Jo vull ser torero
05 Johnny Flynn- Ramble Away
06 Alma Forrrer- La forêt nous protège
07 Robert Foster- Turn on the Rain
08 Diane Cluck- This is Our Love
09 Sufjan Stevens- To be Alone with You
10 Tex la Homa- Tell Me You Do
11 Loosegoats-Lava
12 Destroyer- You Were So Cruel
13 Ernie Brooks- This Love is Crying
14 Centro-Matic- Without you
Bowie special episode tracklist

00 David Bowie- Fragment interview.
01 David Bowie- Weeping All
02 David Bowie- Letter to Hermione
03 David Bowie- My Death
04 David Bowie- That's Where My Heart Is
05 David Bowie- Dead Man Walking
06 David Bowie- Quicksand
07 David Bowie- An Occasional Dream
08 David Bowie- Sorry
09 David Bowie- We are all dead
10 David Bowie- Wild is the wind
11 David Bowie- Dollar Days
12 David Bowie- The Prettiest Star
13 David Bowie- Seven
14 David Bowie- The Stars(are out tonight)
Photo by Tibor Horty

S01: Up where the moon is shining so brightly (David Bowie)
January 12, 2016 11:11 PM PST
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Once I dreamt I met a star, it was the most tender and glowing sensation of all nights. His voice was like a deep torrent of light entering in my heart. His face was an astounding work of art able to transform spiders into magical lovers. I was a child again playing with lights and colors, I was happy again.
Thank you, Bowie, for all the music…
Photo by Masayoshi Sukita

7.8:You don’t forgive the silence
January 04, 2016 07:46 PM PST
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I opened the window to smell the newly rain, and the softly and terrible twine of the winter enter to my arms as an immense lament in which a past was created. I saw rivers and flowers in the floor heading to my hands. A muddy sound occupied the room; it was the vision of an airplane crashing in my fingernails.
Last Episode Tracklist

00 Salvador Espriu- Amb músic ho escoltaries potser millor
01 Andrew Chalk- Floating
02 Leonard Cohen- Crazy to love you
03 Moby- Sailin' On
04 Mus- Jaccottet
05 Dot Allison- I wanna feel the chill
06 My Name is Nobody- Liferline
07 Twinsmith- Carry On
08 Weyes Blood- Maybe Love
09 Bodies of Water- Only You
10 Advance Base- Trisha Please Come Home
11 The Legends- All about us
12 John Grant- Global Warming
13 Mercury Rev- Endlessly
14 The Mynabirds- Shake Your Head Yeas
Photo by Gianni Berengo Gardin

7.7: Crazy has places to hide in
December 20, 2015 11:44 PM PST
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There’s dust in my window: molecules from an ancient time I don’t inhabit anymore. It’s the sound of a laugh in the mist and a tender deluge of a forthcoming winter. There’s a tremble in the night of the eyes; it’s the whispers of grasshoppers and the gale of a word inside a window. I’m hypnotized by a shadow in the corner: the morning.
Last Episode Tracklist

00 Naomi Shihab Nye- Fresh
01 Rodrigo Leao- A praia do norte
02 Isobel Campbell- Don't Make It Easy
03 Ramon Galvan- Luminarc
04 Algiers- Games
05 Lilimarche- Ce Matin
06 Apanhador Só- Cartao Postal
07 Conor Oberst- Night at Lake Uknown
08 The Both- Hummingbird
09 Chris Knox- And I Will Cry
10 Giant Giant Sand-The Sun Belongs to You
11 Mountain Goats-Cry of Judas
12 Alex Calder- Life Purpose
13 Gemma Ray- Rubbing Out Your Name
14 Michael Cloup Duo- Ma vieille cicatrice
Photo by Aleix Plademunt

7.6: There's no map home
November 22, 2015 05:26 PM PST
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The river meets the sea below a radiant cluster of clouds. Our bones feel a deceitful past with the kiss of a cold breeze: it’s the autumn blazing trees and waves. Ships in the oceans go away silently while a fearful sun covers the present with invisible words. Nothing remains in the sand but our desperate arms.
Last Episode Tracklist
00 Raúl Gómez Jattin-Ombligo de Luna
01 Nilhs Frahm-Circling
02 Birds of Passag-Hollow
03 Neko Case-Afraid
04 Bonnie "Prince" Billy-Make it not an evil mark
05 The Holy Modal Rounders-Dame Fortune
06 Anna Larousse-A menina que apagou
07 Lau-Ghosts
08 Elvis Perkins-It's a sad world after all
09 Amy Bezunartea-Friends again
10 Ethan Jhons-Whip poor will
11 Sam Amidon-I Whish I whish
12 A Singer of Songs-Lonely one
13 Adem-Oh my lover
14 Tom Waits-Who are you?
Photo by: Alexandre Delmar

7.5: For that fearful leap into the dark
November 11, 2015 03:56 AM PST
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I passed next to you in the middle of the mist; your eyes were a soft light and I started following them. I walked through lies and pain. I traversed the soil between your shoulders and your neck and fled from the ghosts. I strode out the mist with you smile in the fingers and the world was there, as horrible as before.So I turned back and walked inside again.
Last Episode Tracklist

00 Carlos Drummond de Adrade-Mundo Grande
01 Elegi-Varde
02 Girl Pool-Pretty
03 Mirel Wagner-Goodnight
04 Rodrigo Amarante-O Cometa
05 Gregory Alan Isakov-She always takes it back
06 Caetano Veloso-Estou triste
07 Viento Smith-Soplar la Herida
08 George Harrison-Beware of darkness
09 Jake Bellows-You and me
10 Miossec-Le Coeur
11 St. Vincent- I prefer your love
12 Timber Timber-The new tomorrow
13 Twerps-Adrenaline
14 Caloncho- Autocarnavalización
Photo by: Stephen Shore

7.4: Careless sun sets on the West
October 25, 2015 04:50 PM PDT
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In the last hours of our dreams, we will be small mariners sailing across the stars. Small languages losing meanings behind the sound of a voice that fades in the night. We are wandering across a cold room just for meet our hands in the doorway and say nothing but emptiness.
Last Episode Tracklist

00 Rubén Bonifaz Nuño-No es una desgracia abrir los ojos...
01 Boards of Canada-Uritual
02 Heidi Berry-Heart Like a Whell
03 Phosphorescent-Lost Name
04 Amor de Dias-Hampshire Lullaby
05 Senior i el Cor Brutal- Llágrimas de gint
06 Stu Larsen-Maybe I Am
07 Sharon Van Etten-I love you but Im'lost
08 Elliot Smith- Say yes
09 The Clientele-These Days Nothing But Sunshine
10 Rita Calypso-Never was a love like mine
11 Sean Lennon-On Again, off Again
12 The Elected-It was love
13 Yo la tengo-Friday I'm in Love
14 Epehemera-On the surface
Phot by: Joao Castilho

7.3: Watching the birds all fly away
October 11, 2015 05:14 PM PDT
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There’s always a sky full of stars inside each word; a land to forget that everything will be dust. In the mornings the sun shines like a smile and streets are in a perfect silence. The Indian summer brought certain peace with the falling of a leaf. Nothing will remains but the shadow.
Last Episode Tracklist
00 Sharon Olds -The Worst Thing
01 A Winged Victory For The Sullen-Atomos II
02 Mia Maestro-Barca
03 My Name Is Nobody-Sleeping bat dunes
04 Sleep Party People-Melancholic fog
05 Ana D- Velero lleno de estrellas y bahias
06 Gregory Alan Isakiv-She always takes it Back
07 Wilderness of Manitoba-Sea song
08 Elvis Perkins-My kind
09 Christina Rosenvige-Balada Obscena
10 Eels-Series of minsundestandings
11 Perfume Genius-Too Bright
12 Marissa Nadler-I've got your name
13 Anari-Ametsen eraiste neurtua
14 Thalia Zedek-Sailor
Photo by: Laurence Aberhart

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